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Anbakam Metals is one of the world’s major trading company with trading offices, processing facilities and warehousing world-wide. Anbakam Metals was a forerunner at the inception of the Ferrous & Non Ferrous metal recycling industry boasts of having over half a century of invaluable experience. Though during the past few years we’ve made our name by specializing in ferrous, non-ferrous scrap products, we’re progressively increasing our knowledge to help branch out our expertise toward other recyclable resources and raw materials supply such as Plastics, Paper, Electronic scrap, Asphalt etc. 

With our global presence on the rise from North America to Asia, allowing extensive business hours which our seemingly comparable competitors lack. Time has sharpened our commitment to quality where we were accredited as member of ISRI. By commercially processing scrap, not only have we innovated means of economic influx, we’ve created new methods of recycling and reducing waste. People throughout the world are exploring many “green” options to help protect and salvage the environment we live in. Processing recyclables is a highly effective system to help aid in ecological preservation.

At Anbakam, we are doing our part by pioneering new alternatives in the recycling industry. Aside from the norms of simply delivering services, we offer ground-breaking techniques other companies have yet to provide. We are a step ahead of many of our competitors: providing state-of -art equipment, cutting edge technology and knowledge of modernized alternatives.

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